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  •  Allen Kenneth W.

  •  Barth Joe

  •  Black Chuck

  •  Boyd Bill

  • Broc Philippe

  • Buit Sam and Shaila

  •  Bylund Eva

  • Christensen Wayne

  • Cox Dave

  • Coyle Rick

  • Duncan Jerry

  • Fox Silva

  • Frantz Ellen

  • Griffin B. J.

  • Herrbach Jan

  • Hubley John

  • Hughes Ben

  • Hurst Sr. Vance

  • Jaeger Ed

  • Keach Thom

  • Ligeikiene Virginija

  • Main Peter

  • McMillen Trish/Mac

  • Merrigan Michael

  • Minguez Gary

  • Moore Holly

  • Mosier Jon

  • Neilson Anita

  • Ower Robert


  • Reichl Heinz

  • Roland Don

  • Ross Ron

  • Scheiderer Allen

  • Smith Arnold

  • Stanger Rod & Denise

  • Suman Bob

  • Torix David

  • Trostem Richard

  • Waters Ann

  • Waters Nick

  • Wilson William

  • Zaharek Frank

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    1. K.W. Allen
      1. Saddle bags - Lovely saddle bags!
      2. Holsters - From left to right the holsters are, 1-my style of belt slide an all in one 1911 Auto holster it will hold Colt's smallest to the AMT Long slide. 2-1911 cross draw for Combat Commander. 3-A cut away combat holster. 4- A thumb break for a small revolver. 5- Thumb break for a large revolver.
      3. Holsters
      4. Chaps
      5. Knife Scabbards
    2. Joe Barth
      1. Box, Inside - as above, showing the inside
      2. Cobbled Purse w/ Roses - cobbled and wet formed, and made from 8 oz. leather
      3. Cobbled Purse - as in LC&SJ a while back, cobbled and wet formed, and made from 8 oz. leather
      4. 33 Pierce Arrow, V-12 rumble seat roadster - The seats were made from scratch. The original cushions had been lost.
      5. Bike (motorcycle) seat - made on a leather base formed to the bike, the colored areas are embossed with leather plugs and it is hand stitched
      6. LC&SJ Cover - expected to be on an LC&SJ cover this summer (with a tracing pattern and tooling instructions to boot!)
      7. Holster - Here's a take-off of a Ken Griffin Holster. I changed the belt & holster a little and added some cartridge loops.
      8. Chest (front)
      9. "Crest" style design by FO Baird
      10. Embossed purse, front Just one Best of Show at the Hoosier Leather show!!
    3. Chuck Black
      1. Purse #1 - Oak Leaves and Acorns, with crosshatch background
      2. Purse #2 - Roses, with crosshatch background
    4. Bill Boyd
      1. Indian w/ long headdress
      2. Alaskan Husky
      3. Cowboy Clock
      4. Scottish Terrier
      5. Indian w/ short headdress
      6. Horse w/ Flowers
      7. Wolf
      8. 10pt. Buck
      9. Cougar
      10. Barr's Bear (spots on print)
    5. Philippe Broc
      1. Belts - Some are with genuine silver buckles, but most are with "zamack" buckles.
      2. Knife Scabbards - Philippe collects knives as well as makes scabbards for them!
      3. Saddle - My wife's saddle. It has been done on a McClellan tree.
      4. Machette Scabbard
      5. Purse
      6. Rifle Scabbard - A lovely rifle scabbard!
      7. Pancho - A little poncho I did for my wife. Unfortunately I cannot find nice pearls
      8. Saddlebags - Saddle bags I carved for my wife's saddle.
      9. Tri leg stool
      10. Tri leg stool
      11. Tri leg stool
    6. Sam and Shaila Buit
      1. Variety of Purses
    7. Eva Bylund
      1. Variety 1 - includes cycle seat, tubular case, English saddle, instrument case (oboe?), and restored cart (year?)
      2. Variety 2 - includes leather covered spectator armrest (?), hair-on-hide lawn chair, rocking horse saddle, chest, and leather covered ships wheel decoration (?)
    8. Wayne Christensen - All items are hand sewn.
      1. Miniature Double Holster Rig - for swivel knives!
      2. Miniature Double Holster Rig #2 - for swivel knives!
      3. Fancy Spur Straps
      4. The Roseman Bridge - the one used in the movie "Bridges of Madison County"
      5. Finished Travel bag - full view in all it's splendor
      6. Travel Bag - end with outside pocket. Pocket pattern from Bob Beard Scenery Carving video
      7. Travel bag end - Tony Lair "Bull Rider" pattern with Al Stohlman Rodeo background from belt book
      8. Tandy vintage Hunters Quiver - I added the stag from Stohlman's Figure carving book
      9. Tandy Organizer Kit - just the way it comes, except for those tooling patterns and I added the ranger concho
      10. Tournament Style Quiver - from Art Vincent's pattern in LC&SJ
    9. Dave Cox
      1. Saddle - Built on a Modified Association tree using Hermann Oak skirting.
      2. Holster and Belt Set - A set of holsters and matching belt for a customer's S & W Air weight and Colt Diamondback
      3. Presentation Holster - A carved, lined presentation holster I made for a School Superintendent who was retiring. Under the flap, I carved the presentation statement honoring him. It was for a Colt Woodsman .22 pistol.
    10. Rick Coyle
      1. Photo Album - Photo Album I tooled for Wayne Hagen and Jeff Kingery, the play-by-play announcers for the Colorado Rockies.
    11. Jerry Duncan
      1. Address book cover which is hand sewn and light brown antique. Floral design is of Stohlman origin.
      2. Photo Album Cover - I have finished with tooling all that is left is hand sewing and trimming. The paradox symbol on the back is of Indian origin. I used two different saddle stamps on the corners. I will not do that again. The team and wagon was taken from a photo. This team and wagon was used on a two week roundup in Nebraska. Sheridan style of floral carving was used on the corners.
      3. Close up of chuck wagon.
      4. Photo Album Cover #2 - Inverted carving on Oak leaves with basket stamp in the oval. Dark brown antique was used to accentuate knife cuts.
    12. Bonnie Fisher aka "Little Feather"
      1. Peace Pipe
      2. Indian Dress - a prize winner!
      3. Eagle Plaque
      4. Eagle Plaque #2
      5. Jacket
      6. Clutch Purse
    13. Silva Fox
      1. Quilt Square - For display on the IILG table at the 1998 IFOLG show
      2. "Two of a Kind" - Silva with Best Of Show Masters Division award at the Midwest Federation of Leather Guilds Jamboree 1998. "It's called 'Two of a Kind' and it's a copy of the card I made for Al & Ann Stohlman thanking them for the Stohlman award."
      3. "Dent de Lion" - (tooth of the lion), goldfinches with dandelion
    14. Ellen Frantz
      1. Quilt Square - For display on the IILG table at the 1998 IFOLG show
      2. Medicine Pouches -
      3. Purse #1 -
      4. Purse #2 -
      5. Purse #3 -
      6. Purse #4 -
      7. Purse #5 -
      8. Purse #6 -
      9. Purse #7 -
    15. Jan Herrbach
      1. Bird Handbag - Male and female cardinals tooled on center panel of purse. Finished in diluted acrylics.
      2. Back of Handbag - Pair of black-capped chickadees tooled on opposite center panel of above purse.  Finished in diluted acrylics.
      3. Quilt Square - For display on the IILG table at the 1998 IFOLG show
      4. Day planner - Native American design, using a revised 2" belt pattern found in an old MIWL magazine
      5. Coyote - 8"x10" picture tooled in a Tony Laier class.  It's colored in diluted acrylics, with red and blue hues for the background to simulate rays
      6. Mountain Lion - Embossed mountain lion, finished in acrylic colors.
      7. Snow Leopard - Embossed snow leopard colored in acrylics
    16. John Hubley
      1. Vest - This is a vest/vestment made for a local wizard.
    17. Ben Hughes
      1. Carving of Egyptian style Eye symbolism
      2. Carving of movie scene featuring Clark Gable
      3. Carving of Egyptian motif
      4. Carving of Greek motif
      5. "Art for Pete's Sake Show"
    18. Vance Hurst Sr.
      1. Bluejay
      2. Daniel in the Lions Den
      3. Rescue
      4. Humming Bird 1
      5. Humming Bird 2
      6. Squirrels
    19. Ed Jaeger
      1. Quilt Square - For display on the IILG table at the 1998 IFOLG show
      2. Clock - Bison
      3. Clock 2 - Horse (pattern by Al Stohlman)
      4. Clock 3 - close-up of Horse clock
    20. Thom Keach
      1. Quilt Square - For display on the IILG table at the 1998 IFOLG show
      2. Eagle Briefcase
      3. Unicorn Marketplace Handbag
      4. Hermit Box
      5. Clemson U Binder
      6. Biker's Armband
      7. "Charla's" Bowling Bag
      8. Unicorn & Wizard Purse
      9. Tooled Briefcase
      10. Surfer Notebook
    21. Virginija Ligeikiene
      1. "Romantic" -
      2. "Pretty Woman" -
      3. "View through the window" -
      4. "Angel" -
      5. "On the green grass" -
      6. "Old Town" -
      7. "The Doubt" -
      8. Church book -
      9. Box for papers -
      10. Yarn boxes -
    22. Peter Main
      1. Alligator collection - made to match boots bought last year. Details on other prints.
      2. Belt - Plugged inlaid alligator lined with pigskin, keeper the same with inlaid gold initial 'P'. Note 'keeper' for keeper. I put these on all my belts, having lost an ornate keeper many years ago.
      3. Knife pouch - Alligator over lightweight leather with plugged inlays and initial on flap. Magnetic closure (what else?) with recess on inside of flap for thong, so it will lay flat when closed. Hand sewn.
      4. Watch - Goatskin lined with delicate rope roll edge. Kangaroo with plugged alligator inlays and 18k gold rivets. Hand sewn. Keeper has turned edges instead of a raw edge burnished.
      5. Variegated Wren - (10x8")Embossed appliqué of eight parts, colored and mounted as parrot
      6. Bird-bits - these are the progressives I use for teaching classes.
      7. Folder - to take an 5x8" writing pad. Has a padded natural color leather cover, with an inverted water lily design, and pocket on inside front. Hand sewn, with green burnished edges.
      8. Green tree-frog - (10x8")embossed appliqué of ten parts, spirit dyed, mounted on linen cloth.
      9. Blue Bonnet Parrot in flight - (10x8")Embossed appliqué of six parts, all spirit dye with a touch of white for highlights. Graduated air-brush background on linen cloth.
      10. Visitor's Book for the Stohlman Museum. (162k)
      11. Buffalo This is the completed picture I have been working on for sssooooo long!
    23. H Mac McMillen**More works/link on Memorial Page
      1. Arthur - A beautiful and functional leather mug!
      2. Celtic Cross -
      3. Celtic Sun -
      4. Celtic Thistle -
      5. WC Bull - Wickett and Craig leather uses a bull as their logo and mascot.
    24. Michael Merrigan
      1. Saddle - A custom saddle, on a Ritter Tree, Wickett and Craig Skirting leather, finished with Montana Pitch Blend Leather Conditioner.
      2. Saddle - Top View of seat and jockeys
      3. Cantle - Running horse family tooled on Cantle
    25. Gary Minguez
      1. Quilt Square - For display on the IILG table at the 1998 IFOLG show
      2. Hat
      3. Handbag
      4. Saddle
    26. Holly Moore
      1. Quilt Square - For display on the IILG table at the 1998 IFOLG show
      2. Celtic knot work tooled folio
      3. Celtic tooled Tri-leg seat
      4. Horse Tri-leg seat
      5. Horse Tri-leg seat #2
      6. Horse Tri-leg seat #3
      7. Sword Scabbard and belt
      8. Dream catcher
      9. Motorcycle saddle bags - Side view Holly made these for her Dad to hang on his hog. I hope he enjoys them!
      10. Quilt Square #2 - For display on the IILG table at the 1999 IFOLG show in Denver.
    27. Anita Neilson
      1. Calendar - Here is a calendar I did for a pony breeder for a Christmas.
        • Molded from 12 oz. leather-free standing, desk calendar
        • Used A. S. template
        • Finished by edging slicking and with "Tandy's Leather Glow"
        • Two holes were punched into the lower plain leather, for the screws.
        • Months were made using calendar software and printed two to a page, then pages cut in half.
        • Two holes were punched in each sheet and secured to the leather with Chicago screws.
      2. Plate - Contribution plate for a fund raiser. My own trillium design-any suggestions on improving it? I didn't want the lettering to stand out; that's why it's left natural. The shine is from the leather - no finish on it. Paint is Plaid folk art-acrylic.
    28. Robert Ower
      1. Horseshoe Paper Weight - This is a paperweight made by forming leather over a real horseshoe. These have been very popular since I designed the first one over 10 years ago. No two are the same, because the horseshoes were once fitted to a horse.
      2. "Stirrup" Purse - showing carving detail. This purse won blue ribbons at the 1998 Yavapai County, Arizona, Fair and the 1998 Arizona State Fair.
      3. Wallet 1 - The pictures show the left and right sides of the wallet back, as well as the unique carved lining. This wallet features western double loop (or double cordovan) lacing.
      4. Wallet 2 - The pictures show the left and right sides of the wallet back, which features an original Bob Ower floral carving pattern. The lacing is Mexican basket weave (or round braid).
      5. Wallet 3 - Traditional western floral carving with round braid lacing.
      6. Wallet 4 - Sheridan style floral carving. Western double loop lacing.
      7. Checkbook Cover - This is Bob Ower's interpretation on an original Ron Ross Sheridan style floral carving pattern. The checkbook cover is all leather, assembled with double needle hand stitching.
      8. Youth Saddle - taken at the September 1998 Yavapai County Fair, with the Superintendent's Award plaque which it won
      9. Holster and Belt rig - This gun belt is based on one found in F. O. Baird's Leathercraft Secrets. The carving pattern is my own original design. The revolver is a very old Remington 32.20.
      10. Holster and Belt rig - side view on model
    29. Heinz Reichl
      1. Embossed Buffalo - Embossed buffalo skull on a rope case. A first try at embossing!
    30. Don Roland
      1. Matched Set - The purse is a custom designed combination belt hanging or shoulder strap bag. Outside measurements - 6-1/2" X 6" X 1-1/4"-  Gusseted to open to 6".  Removable shoulder strap and two belt loops with snaps for easy belt attachment. Full inside lining with snap closure coin pocket and vertical insert check book pocket with two pen/pencil loops.  Lining and pockets made from 1/2 to 1 ounce pigskin in burgundy color. 3 to 4 ounce tooling calf used for the purse body and 6 to 7 ounce calf for the shoulder strap. The completed purse is light in weight, flexible and sturdy enough to last through many years of use. Matching belt with matching leather covered buckle to complete the set.
      2. Bag Inside - interior view of above bag
      3. Bag Back - showing method of attachment
      4. Tapoffs #1 - 21 of F.O. Baird's original tap-offs from his work shop.  According to the information I got with them
      5. Tapoffs #2
      6. Hat Rack - The back is a piece of 1/4" masonite cut to shape with a coping saw, sanded and covered with 1/2 to 1 oz. pig lining.   There is an overlay on that which is bonded and fastened with about 200 very small round head brass nails. The Extended part which the hat hangs on is 8 to 9 oz. belt shoulder, cut to shape and wet molded over a container - covered with cling wrap - which originally had hot chocolate mix in it.  Then this part is also fastened in position with those little brass nails. Overall dimensions are 9" X11" with 6-1/2" extending to hold my hat. I'll do an article on this project for the LC & SJ in the near future.
      7. Day timerDaytime InsidesDaytime Insides #2 - Here are three shots of the Organizer/Notebook I made for myself and for my May/June, 2000 LC&SJ article. I'll be using it as an Order-Receipt book and also as a Trip Record Book while traveling to the Trade Shows. I have made custom forms for these and the photos show the Order-Receipt books inserted. The leather covers for these were added after the article was completed so they don't appear in the article. Photos in the article are black and white. The cover design is done on both front and back and is modified from pictures in an old 1950's vintage purse instruction book with my style of leaves and stems added. The design is done on both front and back. Inside there are double pockets on both sides with the added 'fly leaf' section with calculator, pens and business card pockets. The lining, pockets, edge binding and zipper pull are whiskey color kangaroo. The tooling back is 4/5 ounce Wickett & Craig tooling cowhide.
    31. Ron Ross
      1. New Saddle by Ron
      2. Saddle close-up-1
      3. Saddle close-up-2
      4. Tool Rack
      5. Tool Rack Tooling Design
      6. Belt Design
      7. Shop 1 - showing workbench and tools
      8. Shop 2 - showing collection of over 40 draw gauges, many of them from very little known makers, and most dating from the early to middle 1860's
      9. Quilt Square - For display on the IILG table at the 1998 IFOLG show
      10. Quilt Square #2
      11. Saddle - one of the latest saddle i have made
    32. Rod and Denise Stanger -
        1. laminated pine chair
        2. close up of leather seat
        3. laminated pine chair
        4. detail of leather seat
        5. pine dressing table
        6. detail of dressing table top
        7. hallstand (seat)
        8. detail of seat
        9. table
        10. detail of table top
    33. Allan Scheiderer
      1. Quilt Square - For display on the IILG table at the 1998 IFOLG show
    34. Arnold Smith
      1. IILG Logo - just like the patch! :)
    35. David Torix
      1. Quilt Square - For display on the IILG table at the 1998 IFOLG show
      2. Fish Wallet
      3. Antelope - My first attempt at figure carving, from a classic Al Stohlman pattern pack. It turned out pretty well, but I'm still debating on the coloring.
      4. Head Knife Sheath - Fits the smaller C.S. Osborne head knife. My personal sheath. Built in a hurry, with a simple pattern, so I don't slice my hand reaching into the tool box. :) Finished with neets foot oil and tan kote.
      5. Quick Draw Knife - Designed for a lock blade knife it opens the blade as you pull the knife out. The lock is released as the knife is inserted and the sheath swivels it closed. Very quick to use, very easy to build. Illegal in some areas. Feibing's USMC Black dye, tan kote.
      6. Tooled Checkbook Cover
    36. Richard Trostem
      1. Checkbook Cover - Sheridan style checkbook cover. Nice work!
      2. Binder Inside Panels - Inside panels of a three ring binder.
      3. Inside Panel Detail - Detail of one panel.
      4. Binder Front Cover - Very nice carving for the front binder cover!
    37. Ann Waters
      1. Ariston! - tooled horse portrait
      2. "Grey Arabian" tooled horse portrait
      3. "Mr. Lucky" tooled horse portrait
      4. Reversible Monkey-face or Bulldog Tapederos with both back and front views shown
      5. Embossed Greek Horse and Rider Frieze
      6. "MOM" Leather Box - Jewelry Box, fully lined (inside with purple suede) top is an overlay with red suede soft-sculpture heart outlined with gold pigskin with carved letters filled with gold pigskin on top
      7. White Buffalo embossed and textured picture done in Robb Barr's class
      8. Embossed Portrait Of Carl Gorman
    38. William Wilson
      1. Stagecoach scene
    39. Frank Zaharek
      1. Quilt Square - For display on the IILG table at the 1998 IFOLG show - Tooled portrait of "Star Trek - Deep Space Nine" science fiction character.
      2. Child's Buckle - snake skin insert buckle for a Childs belt
      3. Buckles - TOP: Black dyed Emu insert with back plug, BOTTOM: Blue dyed Flower Snake
      4. Dragon
      5. Corner #1 of "Merlin" Tri-leg chair
      6. Corner #2 of "Merlin" Tri-leg chair
      7. Corner #3 of "Merlin" Tri-leg chair
      8. Top View of "Merlin" Tri-leg chair

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